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Course Management and Monitoring


Every language school offers courses, but inlingua Company Center provides, without additional cost, a whole array of services to accompany training which minimize the time required for our client’s Human Resources department (HR) manage and evaluate results. Our pedagogical experts, administrative and accounting teams accompany HR as well as the participants all along the training process and even beyond. Each client has a coordinator specifically assigned them to ensure our extensive knowledge of internal business processes (gathered over the 40 years), allows us to garantee you a unique customer experience.


The 7 stages

  • Level Assessment and appraisal of needs
  • Setting objectives
  • Development and validation of a training plan
  • Continuous monitoring and constant evaluation
  • Feedback from participants
  • Final evaluation
  • Training report and advice

Pedagogical follow-up: Proactive

Careful guidance and constant supervision.

  • Prior to any training, inlingua Léman analyzes the objectives specific requirements of a prospective client in order to establish a complete and reliable initial assessment, both written and oral.
  • This information is used to recommend a customized program.
  • After taking into account any constraints and special requirements, a training plan is set up.
  • inlingua Léman arranges the material and practical organization of the courses.
  • The flexibility of the program during the training period is assured through continuous monitoring by the coordinator.
  • The participants and those in charge of education guide the training program through input and information feedback.
  • Regular assessments are conducted throughout the training.
  • Permanent communication between the trainers, participants and the company (client) creates a dynamic training environment, and also ensures that rapid and effective decisions are made when problems arise.
  • A final evaluation assesses is established to assess the progress accomplished during the training.
  • A detailed progress report, together with advice and guidance is issued at the end of the training.

Administrative follow up: rigorous and effective

A solid team and appropriate tools

  • Monthly attendance reports
  • Notifications in case of absenteeism
  • Continuous reporting
  • Administrative responsiveness under established terms
  • Final accounting breakdown and summary of courses
  • Billing pace, addressing and format by established arrangement