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Company profile

Established in Switzerland since 1976, Conforama is a major player in household furniture and equipment. Our company enables a vast number of people to enjoy comfort at home according to their own tastes and comfort and at the best prices.

Over 900 employees make every effort to accommodate the millions of customers who pass through our doors every year. Spread over the three linguistic regions of Switzerland our 17 subsidiaries and our 4 Department Stores offer easy access to our customers.

Development and partnership with inlingua

Conforama attaches great importance to team development, particularly through training. Knowledge of languages is a key skill for our collaborators who must regularly communicate in different languages.

That is why for over 7 years Conforama has been working with inlingua to strengthen the language skills of our employees. Since 2008 around 50 employees have had the opportunity  to improve their knowledge of German or English with the help of inlingua trainers. For us, partnership in the long term with inlingua is very important. It has allowed us to develop a relationship of trust and implement courses  which are specific to our employees’ needs.

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