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Individual or in groups

Flexibility and adaptability, that is our motto. Our training courses can be adapted to every conceivable request. This this reason why we can offer such a full range of products and services. Whether on company site, at our language center or distance learning, in groups or individually, we can create personalised programs to suit your every need. Our teams are at the cutting edge regarding teaching methods and we are constantly inventing and reinventing our own profession. You’re therefore guaranteed to get the best results at the best price.

  • Intra-company groups: courses reserved for employees of a single company (at your location or at our center)
  • Inter-company groups: open courses where employees from diffrent companies (blend) learn together (at our center only)
  • Private lessons: Individual courses (at your location or at our center)
  • Semi-private lessons: courses for two people (at your location or at our center)
  • Total or partial immersion: very intensive individual courses, up to 8 hours per day (at your site or at our center)
  • Language workshops: group courses from half a day to a week
  • Thematic workshops: group courses
  • inlingua online learning: web platform available 7/7 to strengthen acquired knowledge and provide uninterrupted access to the language.
  • Web Classes: courses delivered via Internet for individuals or groups.
  • Telephone Classes: courses delivered by phone, perfect for catching up on a lesson or to avoid interrupting the training while traveling. Solely with private lessons.