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The advatages of inlingua Léman

inlingua Company Center is not just a school, but a language center specializing in services to businesses of all sizes. We offer therefore the widest possible range of services your company may need.

BULATS Test Center

  • Objective and standardized evaluation of language proficiency in a professional context
  • By individual arrangement available at any time by appointment at our center or at your premises
  • Swiss and European recognition
  • Computerized tests administered by the University of Cambridge
  • 4 languages available (EN / DE / FR / ES)

inlingua Language Tests

  • Oral and written language tests performed by our specialists at our center or directly at the customer’s premises. Possibility of organizing assessments.
  • Professional, general or specific skills can be evaluated.
  • 19 languages available
  • Detailed report and level certification

Translation Services

  • Certified translations
  • Fast turnaround
  • Any type of document, from simple text to scientific paper, as well as professional correspondence, catalogs, brochures and websites.

Interpreting Services

  • For every type of occasion and event (presentation, conference, business meeting, etc.)
  • Throughout the canton of Vaud

Language studies abroad

  • 345 destinations worldwide using the same material and the same method of teaching
  • Various course programs and activities possible depending on the destination
  • Business language studies with our Executive and Standard formulas
  • Complete organization of your stay, except travel

Extensive linguistic assessment of your company “Language Scan”

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation at your company (languages spoken and written by employees, language of daily interactions with customers, partners and suppliers, benchmarking with other players in the market, detection of deficiencies etc.) and then draw up a detailed report listing the options to resolve any possible problems.

inlingua SOS

The modern business world moves fast, sometimes too fast, we need to be able to count on a reliable and responsive business partner. inlingua Company Center is the partner you need for any questions related to languages. Call our helpline or our helpline will call you to set up an appointment, from 7:30 to 21:30 Monday to Friday – Saturday on request. Our language experts are particularly available for:

  • Answering any pressing needs related to languages (19 languages available)
  • Preparing for a meeting, an urgent presentation, sending or receiving a written document
  • Providing linguistic advice